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  • Introduction
  • Deck Plans
    • Command Decks
    • Upper Space Dock
    • Lower Space Dock
    • Upper Utility Ring
    • Environment Ring
    • Lower Utility Ring
    • Habitat Ring
    • Research Ring
    • Engineering Ring
  • Internal Transport System
  • Computer System
  • Auxilliary Craft
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Starbase 24 is an Ournal/Spacedock class Starbase, although to the many people who work there, the base is affectionately referred to as  'The Bionic Mushroom'

Orbiting Frontera, an earthlike, class M planet on the Federation/Klingon Border which has a 24 hour rotation period, Starbase 24 is able to maintain an Earth based time system.

The base has a net height of 5.5 km, with a total height of 5.8km if the various anntennae are included in the measurements and measures 3.8km at its widest point.  Split into nine segments according to functionality, the base has 1200 decks, with an average deck height of 4.5m.  Allowing for the thickness of the deck itself, this results in a mean floor to ceiling height of 4.0m

Although the base is mainly geared up for oxygen breathing occupants, the life support systems are able to be reprogrammed where necessary to provide suitable environments for beings with different requirements.


Base height:


No of decks:

Deck height:

Diurnal Period:




4.5m  (4m net height, 0.5m mean deck thickness)

24 hours

Deck Plans

Image, courtesy of Joshua Cardwell,


Decks detailed in red are restricted to Starbase 24 personnel only.

Command Level (45 decks)

The uppermost 45 decks of the structure, much like a Federation Starship, comprise the ‘brains’ of the starbase.  Command facilities such as Ops are located here, together with service meeting rooms, access to in-system and interstellar communications antennae and Commissary facilities for senior duty officers.  Like all sections, the Command Level also hosts a dedicated emergency medical ward primarily for triage prior to the transfer of a patient to the main hospital decks (if necessary). 

001-010        Comms array, Sensor arrays, primary reactors
011-040        Command decks
041-043        Meeting rooms, command officer’s mess facilities
044-045        Emergency Medical Bay 1

Upper Space dock (150 decks)

The Upper Space Dock is divided into two sections: the Core and the Outer Ring. As a whole it contains many facilities that make it reminiscent of a ground based Space Port. From hotels, hospitality services and shopping malls in the Outer Ring to the Vital services of the Core such as Space Traffic Control, Civillian Customs, Excise and Immigration are housed within the 150 decks of the Upper Space Dock.


046-056        Marine command decks
057-060        Meeting rooms, Marine mess facilities
061-075        Starfleet Intelligence/FedKIN offices
076-120        Traffic Control Centre
121-145        Customs/Excise
146-156        Immigration
157-161        Emergency Medical Bay 2
162-165        Training holodecks
166-180        Security Offices
181-185        Temporary holding cells
186-195        Conference/banqueting facilities

Outer ring

Transient quarters, hotels, shops, cafés, restaurants, offices, holosuites.

Lower Space dock (110 decks)

The Lower Space Dock is divided between civilian and military use. Starfleet shuttle bays, Fighter docks and cargo storage space can all be found in the area of the Lower Space Dock.


196-226        Offices
227-240        Commercial warehousing and storage
243-247        Pilots mess facilities
248-252        Training Facilities
253-256        Shuttlebay 1
257-260        Shuttlebay 2
261-264        Shuttlebay 3
265-268        Shuttlebay 4
269-272        Shuttlebay 5
273-276        Shuttlebay 6
277-281        Emergency Medical Bay 3
282-286        Cargo bay 1
287-291        Cargo bay 2
292-296        Cargo bay 3
297-301        Cargo bay 4
302-305        Fighter bay, secondary reactors, water storage

Outer ring

Transient quarters, hotels, shops, cafés, restaurants, offices, holosuites.

Upper Utility Ring (120 decks)

The Upper Utility Ring is primarily devoted to serving the commercial and leisure needs of both the permanent and itinerant residents of Starbase 24. The Starbase computer core is also located in this section.

306-325        Commercial levels – Alpha Promenade
326-330        Emergency Medical Bay 4
331-345        Commercial warehousing and storage
346-355        Security Offices
351-360        Weapons and torpedo storage
361-370        Weapons Maintenance
371-380        Auxiliary command
381-385        Holodecks
386-395        Museums and galleries
396-400        Libraries
401-405        Theatre/cinema complex
406-415        Clubs, bars, restaurants
416-430        Commercial levels - Beta Promenade

Environment Ring (190 decks)

Much as the name suggests, the Environment ring is devoted to the environmental wellbeing of the starbase and its’ inhabitants. Most of the internal space is devoted to parklands, sporting facilities and educational establishments. Diplomatic staff assigned to Starbase 24 enjoy planet-side style office space with beautiful rural views.  Both parkland and arboretum are designed with high ceilings to produce a feeling of being outdoors.


431-503        Embassies/diplomatic levels
504-505        Entrances to botanic gardens, garden restaurant
506-510        Emergency Medical Bay 5
511-530        Executive offices
531-539        Adult Education
540-558        University
559-578        School facilities
579-580        Entrances to parklands, park cafeteria
581-600        Further education/training facilities
601-620        Sports facilities, water storage

Outer Ring

504-505        Entrances to botanic gardens
579-580        Entrances to parklands
Entertainment facilities – holosuites, cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars.

Lower Utility Ring (50 decks)

The Klingon Quarter of Starbase 24 is famed throughout the sector and is a popular stopping point for visiting Klingon crews as well as the personnel of permanently stationed vessels. Alongside the decks of the Klingon Quarter, JAG and public security offices are also located withing the Lower Utility Ring.

621-640        Klingon quarter
641-645        Emergency Medical bay 6
646-657        Commercial levels – Gamma Promenade
658-661        Holodecks
662-666        Public Security Offices
667-670        JAG offices

Habitat Ring (200 decks)

The Station’s primary residential facility for those personnel who do not chose to reside and commute from planetside.                         

671-690        Senior Starbase officers quarters
691-710        Diplomatic/VIP quarters
711-720        Senior Starfleet officers
721-760        Junior officers quarters
761-785        Family quarters
786-815        Enlisted quarters
816-860        Civilian quarters
861-864        Security offices
865-867        Low security holding cells
868-870        High security holding cells

Science Ring (150 decks)

Across 150 decks the Research Ring of Starbase 24 is a virtually self contained scientific and medical research and treatment facility. Hospital and Veterinary clinics share bulkheads with forensic science laboratories, computer sciences, geosciences etc. All known disciplines are catered for in this remarkably well equipped scientific research centre.

871-900        Hospital facilities
901-902        Veterinary facilities
903-907        Medical admin, senior medical staff offices
908-909        Mess facilities
910-911        Medical holodecks
912-915        Physiotherapy
916-923        Mortuary/pathology/forensics
923-932        Psychology/medical research
933-944        Biosciences
945-954        Chemical sciences
955-963        Geological
964-972        Physics
973-981        Computer sciences, cybernetics
982-989        Astrometrics
990-998        Archaeological Research
0999-1006    Engineering Research
1007-1011    General purpose labs
1012-1016    Cargo bay 5 (science/medical equipment)
1017-1020    Shuttle bay 7

Engineering Ring (180 decks)

Much of the engineering section of the Starbase  is restricted access due to the sensitive nature of the work done there.  However, the Planetary observation decks are open to all and contain a very good restaurant with spectacular views of the planetary surface.

1021-1030    Auxiliary Command 2
1031-1035    Emergency Medical bay 7
1036-1045    Cargo Bay (Engineering use only)
1046-1055    Shuttle maintenance and repair facilities
1056-1065    General Maintenance
1066-1067    Engineering Holodecks
1068-1069    Engineering Offices
1070-1077    Engineering Fusion Reactors
1078-1081    Deuterium fuel Storage
1082-1121    Environmental Control/Life Support
1122-1126    Shield Generators
1127-1131    Impulse Engines
1122-1138    Navigation systems
1139-1146    Gyrostabilisers/Starbase rotation control
1147-1176    Waste management, gas and water recycling
1177-1197    Power generation/distribution
1188-1192    Planetary observation decks
1193-1197    Telescope arrays
1198-1200    Subspace antennae – incoming and outgoing

The Internal Transport System

The travel core is the primary method of travel between the various modules of the Starbase.  Travel within the individual modules is via a network of standard turbolifts.

The travel core consists of six high speed mag-lev tracks which extend the entire length of the starbase.  There are 14 main stations spread between the population centres of the starbase

Each Mag-Lev car has three levels and holds up to 30 persons per level.  Entrance to the car is via any level.

Average travel time between the stations is 2-3 minutes.  Total travel time from top to bottom is generally over 30 minutes although in emergency situations, deployment can be accelerated to under 5 minutes.

The timetable of each car is staggered and varies according to time of day, shift changes and starbase alert status.

The travel core is totally self contained and self pressurised.  It contains airlock seals to isolate the various modules.  In a critical damage alert all seals engage to protect the inegrity of the station

A travel pass is required to access the travel core services.  Itinerant visitors from non Starfleet or allied military vessels do not have access to the travel core.

The Computer System

Starbase 24 utilises six mark 85 LCARS computer cores operating in tandem, providing superior capabilities for data compilation, research and data analysis. All of the cores are connected via a bio-neural network that can operate data transfer levels approaching 1000 teraquads of data per second. Specific details of the computer core design including technical specifications are classified.

The Starbase computer cores are among the most advanced in the federation, considering Starbase 24's strategic location, the highest levels of data capability are not only necessary but essential, considering the vast amounts of data recovered from starship patrols and intelligence gathering operations needed for the defense of Starbase 24.

The computer cores are located in the Upper Utility Ring.

Auxilliary Craft


Schematics and text for the Deck Plans adapted from those of Starbase 79 with grateful thanks.  Please do look up Starbase 79 and pay them a visit.

Thank you also to Kereth epetai Makura and Sarah Harris for the images they have created for this page.