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Banquet ArchivesStarbase 24 are committed to working with charities for the good of the community. As well as our flagship event, the Starbase 24 Starfleet/Klingon Banquet, which is featured on its own page on this site, we take part in several other events.


We are now able to accept online donations. Please note that we remain a completely non-profit making group. All funds raised are divided between the charities we support - we give approximately two thirds to Marie Curie and the rest to other charities including WYAIN and Hedgehog Care. We retain nothing for ourselves.

So how much have we raised for charities?

January 2020

Starbase 24 donated 200 Australian dollars (approx 119) to two different charities working in Australia.  

WIRESWhile we primarily fundraise for our three UK charities, we have always reserved the right to offer support and assistance to other charities and good causes on an ad-hoc basis, depending upon need at the time. We are sure that all will agree that Australia needs help and support from the international community at this time.

5km Inflatable Obstacle Challenge

On 24th March 2018 Starbase 24 members Charlotte Kehlan Kebball, Stefan Blakemore and Sarahleigh Mackenzie Richardson took part in the 5km Inflatable Obstacle Challenge in Peterborough.

The team raised a fantastic 520 to be added to our Macmillan total.

Its a dogs Life on Starbase 24

Wooftenant Trekkie and his humans, Tessa Willow and Sile MacRaghnaill, took part in the 9km walk for Sunflowers Cancer Support Centre in Merseyside on 18th February and raised 200.

24-Hour Gaming Marathon

On 2nd April 2018 Amber Roberts organised and took part in a 24-hour gaming marathon for the National Autistic Society, along with Stefan Blakemore and a couple of others and raised 48.

Starbase Obready's Comm Badges

The Starship Obready are pleased the announce the total for the sales of the communicator badges came to $300, which  has been raised in aid of the Suicide Prevention Centre.

To the members of Starbase 24, for your help for supporting the Starship Obready, we thank you for helping to support great causes here in Canada.

On behalf of the Starship Obready and Starbase 24 a huge Thank You.

Please visit the Starship Obready Facebook page here

M's Skydive, November 2017

The lovely 'M', aka Marie Smith, did a skydive to raise money for cancer. For those who don't know, 'M' is a cancer survivor and continues her fight against the disease.

"I was diagnosed with stomach cancer three and half years ago now. Chemo, stomach removed and further chemo I'm still here fighting, despite being given a 15% chance of surviving five years.

I'm over half way through the years I was given but I'm not letting them stop me. With the help of my loving partner I've been working on my bucket list and a parachute jump has always been up there ever since I saw my Dad do his first jump.

So when the Cancer Society Canterbury - West Coast Division put up about their Jump for Cancer 2017, I knew this was a cause I had to support."

M raised a total of $1506.87 (NZ dollars).

Well done, M!

Movember 2017: Chris Bowen

In November 2017, Chris Bowen shaved off his whiskers in aid of the Movember Foundation who tackle some of the most significant health issues faced by men. Donations all go to help them stop men dying too young. In total, Chris raised 170. 

Well done, Chris!

4th October 2016: The One Show

On Oct 4th, 'Lursa' Julie was one of several Starbase 24 members who took part in The One Show's tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek with George Takei. Following the show, some of Julie's friends asked for signed pictures. Deciding that she would happily send a signed photo to people for a donation to Macmillan, Julie's signed pictures raised 120 for Macmillan, which was donated through her just giving page.

16th October 2016: Half Marathons

Starbase 24, Banquet 10: September 2016

FCD: Out of the Ashes: April 2016

The SB24 fundraising team ran a stall at the wonderful FCD event in Telford, Shropshire.  We raised 187.61 which will be added into our total to be handed over in October.

London to Brighton Bike Ride: September 2015

Brigadier Colonel Ivan Dragunov participated in the London to Brighton Bike Ride, cycling 100km to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. He completed the journey in six and a half hours of cycling! Amount raised was 418.74.

Coventry 5km Fun Run, September 2015

Captain Kevin 'Hightower' Baker took part in the coventry fun run to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, completing the run in just under 40 minutes.  Amount raised was 158.18.

Race For Life - 5km:  Peterborough, July 2015

The SB24 ladies were "Pretty In Pink" as they participated in the annual Race for Life at Peterborough on 7th July 2015 in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Total raised was 494.97

The Great East Swim: Alton Reservoir, June 2015

Rear Admiral Kehlan took part in the Great East Swim on 20th June 2015, swimming 1 mile in open water at Alton Reservoir to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Amount raised for Macmillan was 1,054.77. A massive thank you to all who donated and offered their support.

FCD Emergency Raffle for Nepal: May 2015

Starbase 24 was proud to participate in the raffle organised by FCD Events, to raise urgently needed funds for the people of Nepal after two major earthqakes which tore the country apart, killed thousands and left thousands more injured and homeless. We donated two platinum tickets to our 2015 banquet and are happy to announce that a grand total of 1402 was raised.  Well done to all involved.

Ice Bucket Challenge: September 2014

As the world went mad over the Ice bucket Challenge, the Command Team of Starbase 24 decided to take part, although we chose to fundraise for Just a Drop, an international water charity dedicated to providing safe, clean water to deprived communities across the world. (In light of the amount of water we wasted, it seemed appropriate.) We were able to raise 393.42 for this very worthy cause.

Authorpe Hedgehog Care: April/May 2014

Starbase 24 held an impromptu collection in aid of Hedgehog Care at Authorpe near Louth.  This amazing place, like so many small charities is in desperate need of help to keep running.  They do a fantastic job and we are glad to help a little.  We were able to raise 250.

Norcon: September 2013, Norwich

Starbase 24 were proud to support the Norwich SciFi Club at Norcon, fundraising for Nelson's Journey, a local charity supporting bereaved children in the Norfolk area.  We raised 196.41, mostly thanks to Commander Mackenzie Taylor and her sponsored silence.  The grand total raised on  the day was 4041 so a massive well done to Norwich Sci-Fi Club.  We are proud to have had a small part in this truly great event!

Into Darkness Charity Fundraiser:  May 2013

NOTTINGHAM: SB24 team members Dan Adams and Sarah Mac fundraised for 'Help for Heroes' at the Nottingham Cineworld.

Skydives: March-April 2013, Sibson Airfield

MARCH 2013: Captain T'lar did a tandem skydive from 15,000ft (3 miles) high to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support and German Shepherd Dog Rescue. A grand total of 1458.30 (including gift aid) was raised to be split evenly between the two charities.

APRIL 2013: Rear Admiral Kehlan did a tandem skydive from 13,000 ft resulting in 312.50 for Hounds for Heroes.  She was joined by honorary member Joanne Seggie, who jumped for GSDR and the MSA Trust (Multiple System Atrophy) Both charities received 400 each.

MAY 2013: 
Commander Mackenzie Taylor did a tandem skydive from 13,000ft at Sibson Airfield.  She was fundraising for Diabetes UK.

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, May 2012

Starbase 24 attended the Treble Ace event 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy' and over the course of the weekend raised 393 for Macmillan Cancer Support.  We would like to thank Treble Ace for their support and their hospitality.

Norfolk Gala, September 2011

Starbase 24 attended the Norfolk Gala with the Norwich Time Travellers to raise funds for Deryn's Fight.

Derryn is a young cancer sufferer from Norwich who is attempting to raise funds to help other children with his condition. 

Unfortunately, it was a very difficult day's fundraising and only 28 was raised. The 28 was handed over to the Time Travellers to be included in their donation to the charity.

1960's and Sci-Fi Day, July 2011

At the invitation of the Norwich Time Travellers, Starbase 24 attended the 1960's and Sci-Fi Day at the Oaks in Norwich. Together, 100 was raised for Water Aid and 38.90 for Deryn's Fight.

Collectormania 17, May 2011, Milton Keynes

Starbase 24 attended Collectormania 17 at the Football Stadium in Milton Keynes. 

We raised 280 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

All the photos on this page belong to Starbase 24, please don't use them elsewhere without giving us credit for them.  Thank you.