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Starbase 24

Type: Ournal Class

Commanding Officer:

Date of Birth:



Fleet Admiral James MacKenzie



James Mackenzie took command of the USS Endeavour after the battle of Wolf 359 after its previous captain was promoted to the admiralty. After distinguishing himself in the Dominion war, he was eventually promoted to admiral in 2378 and was instrumental in the formation of the Rapid Response Fleet.

Federation Vessels

USS Endeavour

Registry No. NCC-71805

Type: Nebula Class

The USS Endeavour NCC-71805 has a long and honourable history.  In 2367, under the command of Captain Amasov, the Endeavour was the only ship to survive the battle of Wolf 359 intact.  A year later, the ship was involved in the Tachyon detection grid, designed to prevent Romulan ships infiltrating Klingon space during the Klingon civil war.

Shortly afterwards, Captain Amasov was promoted to the admiralty and his then first officer, Commander James Mackenzie was promoted to captain and given command of the ship.

During the Dominion war, Endeavour served with distinction, having been given orders to get out there and cause as much trouble for the Dominion as it could.  In February 2375 the Endeavour answered a distress call from the Orinoco, a freighter under attack by several  Jem'Hadar ships.  The distress call was also answered by a Klingon bird of Prey, the IKS Hegh'Ta.

The two ships teamed up together for the remainder of the war, sharing crew and resources.  Hegh'Ta's science officer was offered a field promotion to commander and temporarily transferred to the position of First Officer on the Endeavour, a promotion that was later endorsed by the Klingon High Council and Starfleet Command.

After the war, due to the success of the cooperation between the two ships, Endeavour was assigned to serve with the Tenth Klingon Fleet, an assignment that led to the formation of the Federation/Klingon Rapid Response Fleet.

The ship is currently under the command of its former first officer, Kehlan sutai Inigan, who now holds the rank of Rear Admiral.

Commanding Officer:


General Kehlan



Kehlan was born in October 2345.  Orphaned at the age of three, her family were never traced and she grew up in House Gensa, a notorious orphanage on the outskirts of First city, Qo'noS

Shortly after her 15th birthday she won a prestigious science competition and was awarded a place at a top university, a prize which included a year of study on Earth and a further year at the Vulcan Science Academy.

She represented the Klingon Empire at several important science conferences and eventually joined the Klingon Defence Force.  She was assigned to the IKS Death Hand under the command of captain Kay'Vin and served as junior science officer until the destruction of that vessel in battle.

When Kay'vin was given command of the new, experimental Hunter class vessel, IKS Hegh'Ta, Kehlan transferred with the rest of Death Hand's surviving crew and was promoted to Senior Science Officer.

During the Dominion War, Hegh'Ta served side by side with the USS Endeavour and due to crew shortages, she was transferred on a temporary basis to the Endeavour to serve as First Officer.  The transfer was made permanent after her marriage to the ship's captain, the Terran James Mackenzie.

It should be noted that as well as being a science expert, Kehlan is also an excellent pilot and is qualified to fly experimental vessels.

She is now Rear Admiral of the Federation/Klingon Rapid Response Fleet based at Starbase 24


Kehlan was a science specialist who represented the Klingon Empire at several major conferences. She joined the Defence force and served as Science Officer on the IKC Hegh’Ta. She transferred to the Endeavour as First Officer during the Dominion War. Her posting was made permanent by Starfleet Command and she was promoted to captain in 2378.

Kehlan's career:

2360:  Attended First City University, majoring in biological science

2363:  Post graduate study at London University, Earth

2364:  Post graduate study at Vulcan Science Academy

2368:  Joined Klingon Defence Force, assigned IKC Death Hand

2374:  Transferred to IKC Hegh'Ta, senior science officer

2375:  Assigned as 1st officer of the USS Endeavour, field promotion to commander.

2378:  Promotion to Captain, assigned USS Endeavour

2382:  Her role as Fleet Captain is made official.

2385:  Promotion to Rear Admiral with responsibility for the Rapid Response Fleet.


Kehlan is a member of the old and respected Klingon House of Inigan, thanks to her friendship with Christa Martinez and her marriage to James Mackenzie.

During the Dominion war she met her father and finally learned the identity of her parents although she never tried to trace the remainder of her terran family.

In 2381, Kehlan came face to face with the identical twin sister she never knew she had.  She learned that her mother, a terran woman named Marilyn Bradfield had taken her to Qo'noS to find the children's father, leaving the other twin, sick with chicken pox, at home with her grandparents.  After Marilyn's murder, the ship on which they should have returned to Earth had crashed with no survivors and believing Kehlan dead, her family had never searched for her.

Psych evaluations have revealed that Kehlan has a very unKlingon sense of mischief, although she does struggle to understand Terran humour.  It has also been noticed that she has an unreasonable fear of spiders dating back to an incident in her early childhood.

Kehlan's interests are diverse and she has a wide range of hobbies, including dancing, weapons training, mok'bara as well as less physical activities such as reading and cooking.  One of her favourite foods is Vegetarian lasagne... she claims that at least vegetables are meant to be cooked.  Inexplicably she is also addicted to pepperoni Pizza.

USS Robin Hood

Registry No. NCC-78652

Type: Constitution Class

The USS Robin Hood was commissioned in 2258 under the command of Captain Leonard Cho. The vessel had a highly successful five year mission – there was only one fatality during the entire mission.

2263: Upon the Robin Hood’s return, Cho was promoted to commodore. Cho insisted on keeping the ship as his personal flagship at Starbase 8. The vessel remained under Cho’s command until its refit in 2271, where it was returned to full duty under the command of Captain Norman Hollis.

2283: The ship was assigned to patrol duty.

2290: The vessel was decommissioned – its computer core was given to a agricultural colony, its warp core was transferred to a Federation Cargo ship.  The remaining hulk was transferred to the Qualar II shipyards, where it was periodically mined for parts.

2336: Ensign Edward Darvill won the hulk in a card game with the shipyard owner. An accomplished engineer, Darvill had the hull transferred to a private civilian space dock in Earth Orbit where he would work on rebuilding her for the next thirty years when on leave.

2366: In his last official act as a Captain, Darvill commands the ship on its first voyage in decades. At thrusters, it makes a 2 hour round trip. Promoted to Admiral, Darvill donates the Starship to The University of Huddersfield on Earth.

2470: With help from visiting lecturer Montgomery Scott, the Robin Hood rebuild is completed. The vessel has no weapons, but is capable of a sustained speed of Warp 8, and a maximum emergency speed of Warp 9. The vessel is used to teach civilian engineers. The vessel has one working holodeck, full bioneural circuitry and a sensor array that is at the standard of a Miranda class starship.

2374: Following heavy losses in the Dominon War, the vessel is requisitioned by Starfleet Command. It is given a new registry number. The ship has a full weapons array attached, and is launched into active service, transporting relief troops to the Federation lines.

At the close of the Dominion War, the Robin Hood was assigned peace keeping duty in former Cardassian colonies.

Its current status is in reserve activation. But, when needed, she is there.

Commanding Officer:


Date of Birth:


Vice Admiral Adam Daniels



Daniels was in his first year of writing school when his parents were killed in the Demilitarised zone. They were Federation mediators, trying to start talks between the Cardassians and Maquis. Unfortunately, shortly after they arrived, the Cardassians aligned themselves with the Dominion. Daniels immediately enlisted as a soldier. He saw combat in the Dominion war, and was elevated to Gunnery Sergeant. Due to personal circumstances, he completed a year in the Officer Development programme, and became a Lieutenant. He personally requested assignment to the Klingon/Federation Rapid Response fleet due to the respect he has for the Klingon culture .


2373: Enlisted in Starfleet Ground Forces

2374: Assigned to USS Hawking.

2375: Recovered the Elaysian ambassador from Dominion Forces, led a successful sabotage mission in the Ketracel White production factory on Betazed – remained behind undercover, training resistance cells. Later assigned peace keeping duty on Cardassia

2378: Drill sergeant on Earth

2380: Classified

2381: Completes Officer Programme with a rank of lieutenant, and a specialty in strategic operations.

2382: Assigned Starbase 24 with the rank of Commander.  Given command of the USS Robin Hood.

2383: Promoted to Captain

2385: Assigned as Fleet Captain of the Federation/Klingon Rapid Response Fleet at Starbase 24

USS Nelson

Registry No. NCC-85537

Type: Steamrunner Class

Commanding Officer: Commodore Teima Joel

Species: Bajoran

Starbase 234

Type: Federation Ground Base

Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Richard Blackburn

Species: Terran

Gender: Male

Starbase 234 is a Federation starbase administered by Starfleet, located close to both Klingon and Romulan territory.

During the largest Borg incursion ever launched against the Federation in 2381, Starbase 234 was completely destroyed, leaving Starbase 24 as the nearest operational base to the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Vice Admiral Blackburn is currently commanding the USS Savoy while Starbase 234 is being rebuilt.

Klingon Vessels

IKC Hegh'Ta

Type: Hunter Class Bird-of-Prey

Commanding Officer:



Commodore Kargan




Kargan vestai Qonal is just 6ft tall with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes.  He is sturdily built and somewhat clumsy in everyday life.

Kargan was born in 2354 to a working class family.  Some time after his 14th birthday he got involved with a young girl named Rilla.  Unfortunately Rilla belonged to a notorious pirate who blackmailed the young Kargan into joining him, threatening to kill Kargan's family if the boy did not obey.

In August 2369, Christa Martinez, the wife of Krang epetai Inigan was kidnapped by the pirates.  Heavily pregnant, the young woman appealed to Kargan's sympathy and the boy was instrumental in helping her escape.

In gratitude, Krang took the boy under his protection and sponsored him through officer training at the Klingon Military academy.  Like the rest of his class, Kargan graduated early due to the onset of the Dominion war and he was assigned to the IKC Hegh'Ta under captain Kay'vin.

On Kay'Vin's death he was promoted to First Officer of the ship, Despite his youth and relative inexperience, he served with distinction and proved himself a worthy warrior.  He is also, despite his clumsiness, an expert pilot and helmsman,

He was promoted to captain in 2376.


2355:  Birth of Kargan to Qonal and Kiran

2372:  Graduated early from Klingon Military Academy.  Assigned Helmsman on IKS Hegh'Ta

2375:  Battlefield Promotion to First Officer

2376: Promotion to Captain


Kargan is fiercely loyal to the House of Inigan.

The IKC Hegh’Ta, the second ship to bear that name, is the first of the new Hunter class of birds-of-prey.  An experimental design, developed especially for the Dominion war, Hegh'Ta was commissioned in 2372 under the command of Captain Kay'Vin.

At 250m in length it is larger and more powerful than the older classes, although still smaller and more manoeuvrable than the great battle cruisers.  It has a crew complement of sixty as well as a detachment of one hundred marines.

In 2375, Hegh'Ta was ordered to transport Krang epetai Inigan to Earth for a security conference.  While on route, the vessel responded to a distress call.  A Federation transport ship, the Orinoco was under attack by Cardassian ships.  The USS Endeavour also responded to the call and the two ships went into battle side by side.  Captain Kay'vin was killed in the fight and as the highest ranking officer, Krang epetai Inigan took command.

Over the next few months, the two ships, Endeavour and Hegh'Ta fought together against their common enemy, their missions including the rescue of the suriving crew of the lost USS Poseidon froma Dominion prison camp and the destruction of a Dominion weapons facility.

At the end of the Dominion war, command of the Hegh'Ta was turned over to its first officer, Kargan vestai Qonal and the ship was ordered to join the tenth Klingon fleet before eventually being assigned to Starbase 24 as a founder member of the Federation/Klingon Rapid Response Fleet.

IKV Dravana 

Type: K'T'inga Class Battle Cruis

Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Korval

Species: Klingon

Gender: Male

Specialist Support Ships

USS Macmillan

Registry No. NCC-71911


Type: Olympic ClassThe USS Macmillan was named for the 20th/21st century charity Macmillan Cancer Support, an organisation whose goal was to fight the disease that at one point in history was affecting almost half the population, as well as to offer support to the victims of the disease and their families.

Built and commissioned in 2379, the Macmillan completed its shakedown cruise with no problems and was immediately assigned to the Federation / Klingon Rapid Response Fleet, which had identified a need for a dedicated hospital ship. 

An Olympic class vessel, the USS Macmillan is under the command of Captain.

Commanding Officer:



Further Information:

Civilian Captain T'lia 



Chief Medical Officer, Starbase 24

Ships Allied to the Rapid Response Fleet

USS Obready

Registry No. NCC-1946

Type: Northampton Class

Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Robert G Kelley

Species: Terran

Gender: Male