Rank: Fleet Admiral
Gender: Male
Species: Klingon

Further information

Position: Head of Intelligence/Security
Department: Command
Ship: Starbase 24

Name: Krang epetai Inigan

Date of birth: classified

Description: Krang is tall (6'5 in his boots) and relatively slender for a Klingon.  He has jet black hair and dark, brooding eyes.  Like many Klingon warriors he has several scars, including several blood oath scars on the palm of his hand.

Family: Krang is head of the House of Inigan, a small but old and honoured House that can trace its history back to the time of Kahless.

Wife: Christa Martinez

Children: Two stepchildren - Antonio and Josefina, two daughters - Kara and Kehlan junior and a son Meren.  He also has an adopted daughter named Arwen and a neice, Kehlyr, the daughter of his dead brother, who lives with him.

Much of  Krang's early history is classified. His background prior to 2368 is unknown but it is beleived however that he was a high ranking officer of Klingon Imperial Intellience. 

He joined Starfleet in 2368 and due to that ship's experience of working with Klingons, was assigned to the USS Enterprise as a security officer.  He quickly proved his abilities and on Captain Picard's recommendation was promoted to commander and given the role of Head of Security on Starbase 24.

In 2375 he was summoned to Earth for a security conferance but never arrived at his destination. When the captain of the IKC Hegh'Ta, on which he was a passenger, was killed in battle, Krang took command.

While he was gone, there was a Jem'Hadar attack on Frontera, resulting in massive loss of life on both the planet and the starbase.  Beleiving his family dead, Krang disobeyed orders and instead of heading to Earth, teamed up with the USS Endeavour to attack the Dominion.  The two ships made a formidable team and fought with honour and distinction.

After the war, Krang returned to the newly rebuilt Starbase 24 where he founded the joint Federation/Klingon Intelligence Network, an organisation that liaised between Starfleet Intelligence and Klingon Imperial Intelligence and was given the IKC Hg'Ta, now commanded by Captain Kargan, as his flagship. 

He was also instrumental in the formation of the Federation/Klingon Rapid Response Fleet, which was eventually based at Starbase 24 under the command of James Mackenzie.



2368: Krang joins starfleet, assigned security officer, USS Enterprise, rank of Lieutenant

2370: assigned to Starbase 24 as Head of Security

2375: Takes command of the IKC Hegh'Ta

2376: Returns to Starbase 24 as head of FedKIN with the rank of 'Captain of Security'



Krang is fiercely loyal to the Federation/Klingon alliance.  He adopted the Terran James Mackenzie into his House and is proud to call him brother

An unacknowledged Dahar Master, Krang is an expert in the use of the batleth and mekleth among other weapons as well as unarmed combat.   He is a good teacher and in his spare time, holds several classes in basic mok'bara and self defence.